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Remote Data Backup

Advantech's Remote Data Backup service works like regular data backup, but with one important difference. Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer it is backing up, our software sends the backup over the Internet, to our online backup server, safely offsite.

With businesses depending more and more on the data stored in their computers, proper backups are becoming much more critical. Our Remote Data Backup solution accomplishes several essential steps that are often overlooked or done improperly by other backup software:

  • Online Backups are done on schedule, automatically and reliably.
    Most businesses don’t do this. For one reason or another, they don’t keep a regular backup regimen. Usually it’s because the person responsible for doing backups (if there is one) is too busy doing something else and they simply forget.

  • The correct files are backed up.
    Ordinary backup software is often installed with a list of files to be backed up. This set of files usually represents the data on the system when the software was installed. It often fails to back up new data that gets added later.

  • Backups are encrypted for complete security.
    Tape backups are not generally encrypted, so anyone can read them and gain access to client database, billing records, payroll, tax info, and everything else on computers. Advantech's remote backup secures your data using up to 448-Bit Military level Encryption.

  • Backups are immediately sent offsite.
    This is where most businesses make a big mistake. Even if they do everything else perfectly, backups are of little use if the tapes or drives are unable to be physically retrieved from the building after flooding, fire, earthquakes, or other catastrophic disasters.

Advantech Remote Data Backup

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